5 Ways Running Will Improve Your Mood


“A good run is like a cup of coffee… I am much nicer after I had one!” -Anonymous

Studies show that running elevates your mood due to the fact that endorphins are released when exercising. The endorphins are the body’s natural pain and stress. These chemicals are famous for the “runners high.” When they are released the benefits are endless and the importance of running and exercise cannot be stressed enough.


-Reduces Depression and Anxiety

-Reduces the Perception of Pain

-Improves the Body’s Response to Stress

-Boosts Self-esteem

-Reduces Symptoms of Mental and Behavioral disorders

-Fights Diseases

-Faster Weight Loss

-Greater Stamina

Essentially running regularly will keep you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and happier.  Here is how it will help improve your mood…

  1. Improves Your Body’s Response to Stress- When you run regularly, your body becomes adept at handling stress due to the fact that exercise increases body temperature and blood circulation in the brain. This essentially improves heart rate, blood pressure, and cortisol levels.

  2. Counters the stress hormones with happiness hormones- Who said you can’t run away from your problems? If you had a tough day at work or in general, go on a run. Running is my therapy, reset button, time to think, motivation, instinct, outlet, and well-being. I personally couldn’t imagine my life without running. Running brings about chemical changes in the body, as it balances the negative effects of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol with the production of endorphins, as I stated previously. These chemicals in the brain act as natural mood enhancers and painkillers. The feeling of optimism and relaxation occur post long distance run. The endorphins work like anti-depressants without side effects relieving tension. Essentially running boosts mental energy and relaxes your mind and body.

  3. Improves self-esteem- When you run it is just you and the rhythm of your feet. Regular runners who are passionate, push there limits, set goals, and attain them have a direct correlation with self esteem and confidence.This is because goal setting creates a sense of achievement.  

  4. Reduces contradiction in thought and action- Running is not only about feeling good, but it can alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety. Running will improve your faith in your own capability, fight distraction, and help you stay focused. Exercising and running gives us time to clear our heads. This reduces contradictions in thought, belief, and action. Cognitive dissonance is a state of mental tension one may experience, as they hold different views and beliefs. Running naturally lifts your mood and boost your morale. 

  5. Improves focus-  Running improves concentration, focus, and memory, as it boosts the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain. This keeps attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in check. Not only will running give better resistance to impulse decisions and temptations, but will improve concentration levels of ADHD patients. 

Running keeps your mind young and sharp, as there is a positive relationship between mood and exercise. A regular routine can help keep the mental decline caused by degenerative diseases at bay. Run for 30 minutes a day to experience the healthy benefits. 

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