38 Tips for Self Growth

38 Tips for Self Growth

1. Do what you love
2. Find an enjoyable hobby

3. Learn from failure and success stories
4. Be ambitious
5. Find and follow your passion
6.  Be creative
7. Be practical
8. Avoid being materialistic
9. Be a good listener
10. Self help books

11. Give it your best
12.  Create powerful habits
13. Stop trying to impress

14. Become a natural leader
15. Understand work politics
16. Don’t be an open book
17. Pursue an enjoyable hobby
18. Teach others
19. Spend time with great and creative people

20. Love yourself
21. Put your health, emotions, and family first

22. Be disciplined
23. Continually improve your life
24. Get the necessary skills
Attend workshops, training sessions, and classes to get the necessary skills to take you to the next level
25. Be curious
24. Keep fit
25. Do not procrastinate
26. Rise early

27. Do volunteer jobs
28. Help people
29. Have a career plan
30. Kill the bad habits. Stop wasting time and money partying too much

31. Forgive

32. Stand your ground

33. Let new people into your life

34. Don’t be afraid to be yourself

35. Discover new things

36. Keep people in your life that you need

37. Take responsibility for your actions

38. Listen to your instincts

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