24 Healthy Habits to Start Today

  1. Think Positive

  2. Drink More Water

  3. Wake Up Early

  4. Go To Bed Early

  5. Eat Plant Based Foods

  6. Exercise Regularly

  7. Practice Yoga

  8. Get Outdoors, Enjoy Nature

  9. Read More

  10. Make To-Do Lists

  11. Snack on Healthy Foods

  12. Face Your Fears

  13. Make a Workout Plan

  14. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

  15. Set Goals (Long and Short Term)

  16. Do What Makes You Happy

  17. Try New Recipes

  18. Stretch Before and After Exercise

  19. Continuously Learn New Things

  20. Be Resilient

  21. Never Give Up On Your Dreams

  22. It’s Okay to Say No

  23. Don’t Fear Failure

  24. Start Today

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