4 Ways Practicing Yoga Outside Benefits You


Research has made a strong case that taking the time to practice yoga outside can enhance your practice in a different way than your studio does. 

  1. Natural Scenery Can Heighten Awareness. Nature will help you to be in the present. Practicing yoga outside will help quiet mind chatter, as your mind will be focused on all that is going on around you. Endorphins are released when looking at beautiful scenery. Connecting with the actual, physical earth will help you feel more grounded.

  2. Spending Time in Nature Can Replenish Depleted Energy. Studies show that spending time outdoors can give us more energy. A group of researchers from several Canadian universities conducted an experiment to learn more about vitality. They defined vitality as “having physical and mental energy…that one can harness for or regulate for purposive actions.” Participants took a fifteen minute walk. Half of them spent the walk inside and the other half walked outside regardless of the weather. The participants who spent there walk outside felt a significant increase in how energized they felt.

  3. Fresh Air Can Motivate People to Take Deeper Breaths. More oxygen that comes into the body will enable you to improve your body’s systems and relaxation. 

  4. The Outdoors can Further Boost the Benefits of Meditation. This is because being outside helps people clear their minds and offer a new perspective. A clear and balanced mind will enable the practitioner to make better decisions. Yoga outside will essentially reconnect you with nature and de-stress the mind.

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