4 Surprising Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Life


The benefits of yoga surpass the improved posture and defined shoulders. Here are 4 surprising ways that yoga can improve your life.

  1. Improve Memory- Dharna is also known as concentration yoga. This portion of class focuses on meditation. Dharna involves fixing the mind and attention on a single object. This increases circulation to the brain, improving it’s ability to recall information.

  2. Sleep Better- Studies show that people who had insomnia practiced yoga for 45 minutes before bed for two months. Participants fell asleep fourteen minutes faster then they normally would have. This is because breathing and stretching helps people become physically and mentally relaxed. This allows the brain to switch off faster.

  3. Better Mental Health- Research shows that regular asana practice raises levels of the brain chemical GABA. Low levels of GABA are linked to depression. Asana is defined as a body posture or pose.

  4. Healthy Heart- Practicing yoga is beneficial for your heart and improves how your blood vessel functions. According to a recent study created from the Yale University School of Medicine, those who practiced yoga for six weeks improved the function of their blood vessel by 17 percent. People who practiced and had heart disease prior showed a tremendous improvement to the function of their vessel of about 70 percent.

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4 Surprising Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Life



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