8 Convincing Reasons to Start Running

8 Convincing Reasons to Start Running

Amby Burfoot once said “Running has taught me, perhaps more than anything else, that there is no reason to fear starting lines… or other new beginnings.” 

Ever since I began my journey into running I feel as though it has helped me clear my head, gave me energy, enabled me to spend more time outdoors, and truly find myself. I seriously am so happy I started and I hope that I can encourage you to as well. Listed are my top eight reasons!

1. Running Gets You Outdoors. Fresh air can positively impact your mental health and lower your stress levels. SERIOUSLY time flies outside because there is so much to watch around you and it never gets boring. Running allowed me to see new beautiful places that I might not have ever seen before.

2. Boosts Creativity.  Running enables you to focus on your internal thoughts. Sometimes I turn my music off and listen to myself breathe. It gives me time to be inspired and create new ideas. 

3. Gives You Energy. Fun Fact: Just ONE run can increase energy and decrease fatigue. 

4. You Can Run Anywhere. Run, that is it. Rack up on miles in the park, on the treadmill, or in a completely new place on your next vacation.

5. It’s FREE!! When it comes to running, all you need is water, the right footwear, and our Colorbands. Our Colorband is made out of polyester spandex performance fabric, which absorbs sweat. Our Colorbands are made for movement and do not slip. I use them for my morning or evening run everyday!

6. Live Longer. It is a proven fact that runners remain active longer and live longer too. Even though the running times decrease with age, the healthy benefits continue. 

7. Boost Memory. Three decades of research found that exercise releases brain chemicals that are key for memory, concentration, and mental sharpness. The track might also reduce symptoms of dementia and protect the brain against Alzheimer’s.  A study completed at The University of British Columbia found that regular exercise is excellent for cognitive function ad improves thinking skills.

8. Lifts Your Mood. Running boosts serotonin levels. . Regular exercise might remodel the brain, making it calmer and more stress resistant.   

Thank you for reading! I hope that you enjoyed. 

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