The Truth About Motivation

The Truth About Motivation

Looking for motivation? Same, always. However, sometimes in the wrong places… self-help books, therapy, podcasts, blog posts etc. Simply just looking for someone to give us the secret, but through all the research that I have done, I have realized that it truly comes from within you.

The Problem: Motivation feels inconsistent, as sometimes we might be fully motivated to achieve our goals or start something new, and other times we do not at all.

The Answer: You simply do not find it when needed, you manufacture it. Stop waiting for motivation, for that is the easy way out. Instead, listed is a plan that I have created to get you going.


If you want to start something new, for example, to start practicing yoga or running, than make it the most important task. Set a day and time to practice yoga or go for a run once per week to begin. Make this time non-negotiable and just DO IT. Make it a priority by sacrificing other activities, waking up earlier, or having dinner later if needed. People who end up getting things done, DO NOT wait for motivation to randomly kick in, they set a habit and do not deviate from it because their WHY is strong.

2. WHY.

As I stated previously, finding your why is essential. Why do you want to start doing yoga, running, or eating healthier foods? What is the purpose? If your WHY is weak, it will never stick and you will get back into your old habits of binge eating or over-eating. These are just examples, of course. I am a binge eater so that is why I said that. I have to work really hard not to over-eat and sometimes, I’ll be honest, I do end up over-eating, but I always go back to my WHY. And it seriously HELPS! So, I encourage you to dig a bit deeper and ask yourself why you want to do what you say you want to do. If the answer is guilt or someone’s input, it will not last.
The answer has to come from within you, not based on other’s AT ALL! You seriously have to WANT it. Not for someone else, but for YOU.
All I am saying is, your reasons have to be real and matter to you, not just in this moment, but long term.


Once you have committed to making something a habit, now integrate it into your life more flexibly. Did you realize one time would work better over another? Accommodate yourself when you can depend on your own accountability.


Hold yourself accountable, and if you cannot, than find someone to help you. Find a friend who can nudge you when you do not have the energy. Set rewards for yourself along the way, so that you feel the accomplishment in a tangible way.
Whatever you have to do to manufacture that motivation, do it. What is your go-to method for getting things done? Mine is a STRONG why!

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