5 Reasons to Practice Yoga at Home

5 Reasons to Practice Yoga at Home

Practicing  yoga at home enables you to feel comfortable in your own space, as you can not only take more risks, but you can also wear what you want and customize your practice. Sometimes, it can be difficult to make it to class due to our busy schedules. If you are trying to save traveling time and money on classes, home practice is right for you. It can be difficult to know where to start. The solution is YouTube. YouTube has tons of certified yoga instructors that offer free value and classes that you can take advantage of.

Listed are five reasons to practice at home.

  1. Customize. When you practice at home, you do not need to stress about a specific time to make it to class.  You are able to practice whenever you need or want to at your own convenience. Not only do you get to pick the time you practice, but also the space and music. You can practice for as long or as short as you would like, whether you have 15-30 minutes or an hour. Consistency and dedication are all you need to get into a routine of at home practice. You can also customize your online teacher.

  2.  Take Breaks. Pause. You are allowed to pause. Feel free to start and stop whenever you please. If you are in need of taking a break, you are clear to. This is great for if you are struggling with a specific pose or need to simply just breathe and find your balance.

  3. Comfort. Sometimes, in class you might feel a little self-conscious when trying something new. At home, you can feel comfortable to learn and grow in your practice. Truly, a judgement free zone as it is just you and your mat. No comparisons and no competition.

  4.  Online Community. The cool thing about practicing yoga at home, is that you are able to connect with the yoga community online from all over the world. You can even find people who are at the same point in their own practice.

  5. Create Your Own Sanctuary. Create your own yoga sanctuary, where you can go and be everyday. Instead of trying to find the perfect space in class, you are able to find somewhere that is bright, sunny, and open. You can even practice outside or light a candle to make it feel as though you are somewhere special and unique.

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