50 Ways to Practice Self Care

50 Ways to Practice Self Care

Self care is also referred to as being kind to yourself. It is not a luxury nor is it selfish, but it is a necessity. When you take good care for yourself, you set the standards for how you want to be treated by others. It can be time consuming, but it is super important to start practicing.

1. Declutter
2. Turn off phone for a full day
3. Prepare your favorite meal
4. Light a candle
5.  Meditate
6. Go for a run or long walk
7.  Wear your favorite perfume
8. Dance to your favorite song
9. Buy yourself flowers
10. Have an intense workout
11. Listen to Music
12. Write down three things you are grateful for
13. Write down three things you love
14. Manicure or Pedicure
15.  Indulge in your favorite desert
16.  Do something for the first time
17.  Get up early, make yourself breakfast and enjoy your morning tea in peace and quiet. No TV, no radio, no phone, no laptop.
18. Create a vision board for yourself
19. Stretch
20. Take a nap
21. Read a book
22. Write down 3 affirmations
23. Plan a fun weekend for yourself and a family member
24. Binge watch your favorite TV show on netflix
25. Have a delicious cup of coffee or tea
26. Sleep in
27. Spend time in the sun
28. Have lunch with a friend
29. Make a playlist of your favorite songs
30. Go to a museum
31. Watch a comedy showering
32. Treat yourself to a spa treatment
33. Print out pictures
34. Keep a journal
35. Spend time outside
36. Rent a movie
37. Take a bubble bath
38. Go to a yoga class or try yoga videos at home
39. Try other fitness classes like water aerobics or kickboxing, many gyms offer classes for a wide range of athletic abilities
40. Go to the beach
41. Go for a hike
42. Join an online community to connect with others
43. Go to a movie with a friend
44. Paint or draw
45. Write
46. DIY
47. Adult Coloring Book
48. Ride a bike
49. Skateboard
50. Do some simple stretches to get your blood moving.

How do you practice self care?

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