Reach Your Goals with Three R’s- Reflect, Refocus, and Reframe

Reach Your Goals with Three R’s – Reflect, Refocus, and Reframe

Studies show that 73% of people quit before achieving their long term goal. If you fail to reach your goal, it is not failure, for failure is your perception. The only failure is if you give up. Sometimes, it can feel as though you should give up because nothing is working out as you had hoped it would, but don’t. Never stop chasing towards what you want, for someday if you take constant action, your goal will become true.

So if you feel like giving up… than it is important to reflect, refocus, and re-frame.


Reflect on how you are doing as far as the low points as well as highlights of the past. Do not stress, just take a deep breath and reflect.
Questions to Answer:
1. What has gone well for me this week? This month? This year?
2. What could I improve upon?
3. What has motivated me in the past to achieve my goals?
4. What has helped or prohibited my process?


If you are struggling to stay focused, here are six tips to stay focused.
TIP 1: Set SMART Goals- (Specific, Measurable, Action Oriented, Realistic, and Time-Oriented) Make all of your goals clear with a time limit. Make sure it is attainable, realistic, and action oriented.
TIP #2: Find Solutions- If you find a red block, do what you can to resolve the situation. Find a solution to what is setting you back from achieving your goal. Answer the question of what is standing in your way?
TIP #3: Set SMALLER goals- Small goals can help set you up to reach your final destination.
TIP #4: Reward yourself for your accomplishments whether they are big or small with a pedicure or a glass of wine, whatever it is that you truly enjoy.
TIP #5: The road to success is not a smooth road, so whenever you step off track from your progress it is OK. First, forgive yourself and do not be too hard on yourself. Secondly, take time to evaluate the where, why, who, when, and how involved in the situation. This will enable you to avoid putting yourself in the same scenario again. Social and environmental cues can be a key factor in your progress towards your final destination. Be aware of what triggers your behavior.
Questions to Answer:
1. What will motivate me now to achieve my goal?
2. What are the actions that I am able to complete each day to get closer towards accomplishing my goal? I do not say six months from now or months from now, I say each day. This is because I believe that it truly does take consistency EACH and EVERY day and a very DETAILED step by step action plan in order to achieve your long term goal. Also, I believe breaking down long term goals to short term goals is essential.
3. If you have been successful, than what moves will you make next? Will you up your goals?
4. Who will hold me accountable?


This step is essential if you have failed to reach goals in the past. It focuses on a DIFFERENT action plan to accomplish a goal versus the one you have now.
Questions to Answer:
1. What resources or tactics can I employ that I have not already tried?
2. How have I adapted to a changing environment?
3. If I haven’t adapted and what I’m doing doesn’t seem to be getting me closer to my goals, how could I approach this differently?
4. What has been working well for me and how can I take those strategies to get me one step further?
5. What would I do if I knew I could not fail?
6. How can I use what I have learned about myself and my abilities to get me that win?

As you reflect, refocus, and reframe; always keep a positive mindset. Goals take time to accomplish. If you have a good attitude about them and a strong vision this can help you stay on course. Goals are what takes us forward in life and are the oxygen to reaching our dreams. They are the first steps to every journey. It is important to realize the significance in goal-setting and apply this knowledge in your life.

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