Summer Self Care Challenge

Summer Self Care Challenge

Summer is a busy season, but finding time each day to take care of yourself can be super beneficial. Make it a time for no distractions including phone, email or social media. Never forget to pencil yourself in even if it is for 15 minutes per day. Listed is my spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental self care challenge I encourage you to participate in this summer!

  • Daily Self Care Ideas
    • Quiet Time
      • No music, TV, social media, phone, computer
    • Journal
      • Memories with Family and Friends
      • Things You Want to Accomplish
      • Daily Tasks to Take in Order to Accomplish Your Goals
        •  Example: Goal: Increase Stamina Action: Run for 10 minutes every other morning
      • Write Down 3 Self Affirmations
      • Write Down 3 Things You Are Grateful for
    • Exercising
    • Face-mask
    • Healthy Eating
    • Get Sunshine
  • Weekly Self Care Ideas
    •  Unplug One Day a Week
    • Take a class or watch a Youtube Video and learn to do something new you always wanted to
    • Go out walking/hiking
    • Mani/pedi at home or go have it done if it fits into your budget
    • Take a nap
    • Baking
    • Crafting
    • Watch a movie
    • Take a Bubble Bath
    • Listen to Music
    • Listen to an Inspiring Podcast
    • Afternoon by Yourself
    • Out for morning Latte and a good book!
    • Spend time with loved ones
  • Annual Self Care Ideas
    •  Organize or Plan a Trip
    • Try a new skin care regime
    • Haircut or Massage
    • Beach
    • Go to the Movies
    • Organize a space or room that’s been bugging you.
    • Scrapbook
    • Garden
    • Print Out Photos
    • Spa Day
    • Donate Clothes
    • Girls Weekend
    • 5k Run


Take some time to research how you can get in some Self Care this summer. I challenge you to plan it out and put it on your calendar. Do something each week for self care and maybe one time this summer choose to do an annual self care idea!  What are your plans for the summer?

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