3 Tips to Stay Motivated to Run During the Winter

3 Tips to Stay Motivated to Run During the Winter

Winter is upon us meaning there is less daylight, temperatures are low, and the weather consists of snow, wind, and rain. During this time it is completely natural for the motivation to run and exercise to lack. Personally, I love running during the fall when the temperature is quite chilly, but when winter comes around, the weather poses nothing but an obstacle to staying fit. Keeping up with running year round is beneficial to your overall health, as this hobby is a significant stress reliever and immunity booster. Of course, the tips to find a new routine or add variety to your routine can motivate you, however when those fail to work, follow my additional tips to stay motivated.

1. Create a Rewarding Post-Run Routine

I personally LOVE running, which is why I run almost everyday, write a wellness blog, and sell headbands that do not slip and stay in place. Post-run I always enjoy my time and have either a hot shower or indulge in a delicious hot cup of coffee, smoothie, or meal. Adding a post-run reward can create a more positive association towards running, which will then help to motivate you to go outside and run even when you are not feeling up to it.

2. Think About How You Will Feel Post-Run

Running gives me time to clear my head, be creative, and improves my mood. The endorphins released lift your mindset leaving you feeling less stressed and overwhelmed. I always think about how I will feel post-run if I do not feel like going on a run.  Additionally, exercise and fresh air helps beat the winter blues, that naturally come from being inside because of the weather and fewer hours of daylight.

3. Invest in Stylish Winter Workout Wear.

Purchasing a good pair of running shoes and workout clothing can help you feel motivated. Keep yourself warm with our Colorband Fleece Headband. Our fleece headbands will keep your hair out of your face during your workouts. For a more secure fit, wear over ears and above eyebrows.

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