7 Tips for Beginner Runners

Beginner Runners often find themselves overwhelmed with their new activity. This feeling comes from not being ready mentally or physically for the new demands they are about to put on their bodies. Here are 7 tips to help ensure success with your new adventure into running.

1. Stay Hydrated- Proper hydration is vital to your athletic performance and health.
2. Get Rest- Rest is critical to rebuild and recover your body. Make sure to have a rest day incorporated.
3. Stick to the Plan- Create a plan. A great beginner plan would start with The run and walk method, which for example would be a 1 minute run to 5 minute walk. Increase the amount of time spent running and decrease the amount of time spent walking gradually. This will help you grow!
4. Start Slow- In order to avoid injuries and soreness, start slowly. Injuries occur from doing too much too soon. Make sure to take it slow, warm up your muscles, and ease into your new hobby.
5. Set Realistic Goals- Break down aspirations into daily, weekly, and monthly goals.
6. Keep a Journal- A training log can be your best tool for success. Take note and track your record. Write down how you felt, specific goals, the distance you ran, your speed, time of day you worked out, your morning vs evening heart rate, any specific weather conditions, etc. The list can go on! It creates purpose, holds you accountable, and gives you motivation.

7. Purchase New Gear- Purchase a good pair of running shoes, sports bras, and workout clothing. Don’t forget our headbands too! They are sweat absorbent and will keep your hair out of your face during your workouts. For a more secure fit, wear over ears and above eyebrows.

Thank you for reading. I hope that you enjoyed this post. Please comment below if you have any further tips.

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