16 Spiritual Yoga Mantras to Recognize and Remember

Ever wonder what the chants whispered throughout class are all about and why they mutter them? Here is your chance to learn what the words are and what they actually mean.

Mantra yoga is believed to have both spiritual and psychological influence and is used to engage the mind through concentrating on sound, duration, and the number of repetitions. The literal meaning of ‘Mantra’ means ‘muttering or whispering’. This chanting helps the mind to enter a meditative state. This leads the mind of the practitioner to connect with the divine within himself or herself. Each mantra and chant has a specific meaning. Below are sixteen of the most important yoga mantras to know.

  1. Om– One of the most sacred spiritual yoga mantra is also known as ‘OM’ and pronounced A-U-M. This mantra is the sound of immortality and infinity.

  2. Om Namah Shri– This chant is used to appreciate and honor deity Svaha. Deity Swaha is a hindu goddess. The chant means giving of self and letting go.

  3. Om Shanti Shanti Om– This chant means peace.

  4. So Hum– This chant is a universal mantra sound of the breath. ‘So’ is inhalation and ‘Hum’ is exhalation.

  5. Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya– This chant is a spiritual formula for attaining freedom.

  6. Hari Om– This chant removes and purifies obstacles. 

  7. Sita Ram–  This chant celebrates love. 

  8. Om Shri Saraswataya Namaha– This chant represents inspiration in art, music, and literature.

  9. Om Shri Kali Durgaya Namaha– This chant dispels negativity.

  10. Om Shri Ramaya Namaha– Ram is a name for god. It engenders God consciousness, truth, and blessings.

  11. Om Namah Shivaya– This chant honors the divine within oneself and others destroying negativity and replacing it with positivity.

  12. Om Gum Ganipati-ya Namaha– This chant removes obstacles and brings success upon us.

  13. Om Shrim Lahshmi-ya Namana– This chant represents noble abundance, prosperity, beauty, and grace.

  14. Om Tara Tu Tara Tu Ray Swaha– This chant represents compassion, strength, and healing.

  15. Gate gate Para gate Para sum gate Bodhi Swaha– This chant represents to go beyond enlightenment. 

  16. Om mani padme hum– This chant represents the jewel of the lotus of the heart.


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